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SMI & ISHKA Irish Spring Water: Environmentally sustainable solutions that look to the future

2:50 min Filling and asepticShrink packers
SMI S.p.A. S.Giovanni Bianco (BG)

Founded in 1978 by Michael Sutton, ISHKA Irish Spring Water is today managed by the sons Mike and Denis. Every hour the plant, composed of three fully automated lines realized in partnership with SMI, produces over 40,000 bottles of spring water, with the utmost attention paid to the care and the preservation of the surrounding environment.

Growing together. A long-standing partnership

The collaboration between ISHKA and SMI began 15 years ago with the purchase of an SK 300 F shrink wrapper, that is currently installed within the production line 1, dedicated to the packaging of 250 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml, 1.5 L and 2 L bottles. In 2017, on the occasion of the opening of the SMI UK & Ireland branch based in Manchester (United Kingdom), the Sutton brothers turned to SMI for the expansion of the plants with the installation of a new bottling line to increase the production of the 5 L format, which is in great market demand.

Efficient and flexible plants

The turn-key solution supplied by SMI also involved a new design of the container, discarding the traditional square shape and launching a new cylindrical bottle.

An innovative choice that allowed the Irish company to reduce the amount of PET in each bottle and to align the look of the 5 L container with that of the other elegant ISHKA water bottles with a smaller capacity.

Main advantages of SMI line solutions

  • The new integrated stretch-blow moulding and filling system is faster and more efficient than the existing solution with the linear blow moulder. Furthermore, the new plant has a compact footprint, thanks to the fact that no conveyor belts are required between the blow moulder and the filler.
  • The project represented a challenge even within the secondary packaging, as ISHKA required shrink film pack formats in 2x1 and 3x1 configurations and a large tray format (4x5) to realize a half pallet pack. SMI has been able to meet the requirements of the customer thanks to the versatility of the SK 502 T shrink wrapper, a double-lane machine suitable for the secondary packaging in tray with and without film, equipped with an optional system to produce packs in film only.
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