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Company profile

SMI innovations meet the beverage and “liquid food” industry

SMI stretch-blow moulders: the ideal solution for the production of PET and rPET containers up to 50,000 bph

SMI rotary stretch-blow moulders are available both stand-alone (EBS ERGON series) and integrated into complete stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping systems (ECOBLOC® ERGON series).

The EBS ERGON series of stand alone stretch-blow moulders includes:

  • EBS K ERGON models, from 2 to 4 cavities, ideal for the production of PET bottles from 0.10 to 3 litres, with a maximum output of 2,500 bph/cavity*;
  • EBS KL ERGON models, from 4 to 10 cavities, ideal for the production of PET/rPET/PP bottles with a maximum output of 2,500 bph/cavity*;
  • EBS E ERGON models, from 12 to 16 cavities, capable of producing bottles from 0.10 to 3 litres, with a maximum output of 2,500 bph/cavity; (*)
  • EBS KL HC (High Capacity) ERGON models, from 3 to 6 cavities, specifically designed for the production of high-capacity containers (from 3.5 to 10 litres) with a maximum output of 1,200 bph/cavity; (*) 

(*)  *depending on the machine model and the container type and size.

Top-notch reliability and efficiency. Why to choose SMI EBS stretch-blow moulder.

  • blow-moulding module equipped with motorized stretching rods whose functioning is controlled by electronic drives with no need of mechanical cams. This new technology enables a precise descent of the stretching rod, an accurate control of its position, remarkable energy savings along with a reduced stress generated by the vibrations of mechanical components. Moreover, this new technology enables to adjust the stretch-blowing speed without mechanical interventions (cams replacement)
  • high performance, low dead volume valves system which has reduced the pre-blowing and blowing times with the subsequent great advantage in terms of machine's efficiency and quality of the final bottles
  • automation and control by Motornet System®, which ensures the constant keeping of optimal working parameters during the whole production cycle and directly adjusts the machine's settings, simplifying format changeovers

ECOBLOC® ERGON series of integrated systems of blowing-filling- capping

Is the ideal solution for manufacturing, filling and capping PET, rPET, PEN and PP containers of many different sizes and shapes, from the simplest to the most complex and innovative. Combining stretch-blow moulding, rotary electronic filling and rotary capping in one single machine offers major economic benefits:

  • No need for a rinser, accumulation conveyors and conveyors between the blower and the filler;
  • Virtual elimination of container contamination risks;
  • Considerable reduction of line inefficiency causes.

The advantages of plastics (especially of PET) in the production of containers for personal care and pharmaceuticals are many. This material is cheaper than other packaging solutions, it is light, flexible and has a high resistance: a very useful feature, especially during the transport and storage of products; furthermore, the processing of plastics requires less energy compared to other materials (such as glass).

Smart bottling and packaging complete lines

SMI is specialized in the design, manufacturing and installation of complete lines for bottling and packaging flat and carbonated beverages and liquid products in PET containers from 0.10 to 10 L and with output capacity from 3,600 to 50,000 bottles/hour.

An advanced automation and control system, equipped with sophisticated sensors distributed all along the bottling line, enables to achieve high machine yields in all of the steps of the manufacturing process; furthermore, highly-automated equipment allow optimising the employment of raw materials, work force and energy resources thus improving the environmental and social compatibility of the solutions proposed.

Augmented Reality Glasses: when technology helps the operator remotely

Thanks to an intense activity of Research & Development, SMI machines are constantly innovated and enhanced by adding new models and variants equipped with the latest technology; the latter enables the machine's end user to benefit from greater operating flexibility, lower production and maintenance costs and higher energy efficiency.

All customers who wish to improve the efficiency and streamline the performances of their machines can take advantage of a broad offer of upgrades, new applications and additional functions that SMI has created for packers, blowmoulders and palletizers. Upgrades are installed by specialized engineers of SMI's after-sales service, in order to ensure a perfectly done job and a quick restart of the machine.

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