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Filling of detergents and cleaners

Enoberg/SMI: Filling machines for viscous and foamy liquids

1:29 min Filling and aseptic
SMI S.p.A. S.Giovanni Bianco (BG), Italy

Enoberg, manufacturer of filling machines and part of the SMI Group, presents the new range of HYPER CLEAN compact filling machines, a solution for detergents and cleaning agents that is capable of filling both viscous and foamy products in a variety of formats in PET containers with the same machine.

From the filling system with high-precision flow meters installed next to every valve to the particular constructive solution of the filling valve, Enoberg machines offer the advantage of bottling a wide range of products. Other added values are reduced costs and maintenance and fast format and product changeover operations.

Quality and simplicity

The household cleaning industry is careful to meet the consumers' requirements of hygiene, quality and cleanliness and to offer products in practical and economic containers, such as the plastic ones (both rigid and flexible), that nowadays represent 90% of the packaging used in this sector.

In Spain, the company Pons Quimicas S.L has built its own success thanks to a wide range of products for the household cleaning and laundry detergents. To ensure quality and versatility in the bottling of foamy and viscous products, the Spanish company has recently turned to Enoberg for the supply of a monobloc from the HEVF range.

All advantages of the HEVF range

  • innovative bottling system with flow meter, suitable for filling foamy products (various detergents, cleaners, softeners, etc.), as well as products with a different viscosity
  • fast format changeover of the bottle guide equipment
  • all parts that come into direct contact with the product are made of AISI 316L stainless steel
  • system equipped with a small tank positioned in the center of the filling carousel and certified for the pressurization
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