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Large container production

SMI presents PET and rPET high-capacity container solutions

SMI S.p.A. S.Giovanni Bianco (BG), Italy

In the beverage industry, container design plays a key role in the enhancement of the product and the competitiveness of the companies, that, in order to meet the consumers’ various needs, increasingly use sustainable containers with different sizes.

Piovan April

EBS KL HC ERGON stretch-blow moulders

for the production of PET and rPET containers up to 10 liters

In terms of size, high-capacity containers, such as 5, 8 and 10 L containers, arouse growing interest, especially in the companies that pay attention to green and cost-saving solutions. By using high-capacity bottles, in fact, fewer containers are required to reach a certain product volume and therefore, logistic, handling and disposal costs are reduced.


Sustainable containers

Within the circular economy concept, all the main bottling companies require innovative packaging solutions that ensure economic and energy saving.

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