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SACMI - The global green labelling partner

Sacmi Imola S.C. Imola, IO, Italy

Less glue, less raw material waste and ever-thinner, better-performing labels that can also be made from recycled resins. All this and more from a labeller family - produced by SACMI at its Verona plant – that’s part of a SACMI range designed to take the industry into the circular economy age.

A key tool for getting messages across to both markets and consumers, the modern label takes its cue from heightened public awareness and stricter standards as part of a drive towards green packaging. Hence the comprehensive range of SACMI labelling machines, which combine unique productivity, ergonomics and modularity by involving every aspect of the beverage production line.

SACMI has risen to the challenge of the circular economy by implementing innovation across its entire labeller range. Starting with reduced glue usage, such innovation allows for the use of ever-thinner labels (without compromising performance), thus saving raw materials and reducing waste.
More specifically, SACMI labellers are designed to allow application of labels made from PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials. SACMI has, then, seized the opportunities that stem from the processing of food-grade recycled resins by implementing it on every solution in the portfolio, from closures to preforms and, of course, labels.
Key advantages for the customer include the widely acknowledged reliability of SACMI solutions: remember, thousands of machines and systems have been installed worldwide by the industry's major players. Thanks to an extensive understanding of plastic materials and processes, SACMI has drawn on years of research to identify new bio-compatible materials and so ensure, across the standard machine range, that users can process re-use resins.
What's more, the SACMI range benefits from the Group's unique ability to work alongside customers via its Global Network at every stage of the order, from initial design to after-sales assistance. Close support from the SACMI R&D facility lets customers test all solutions prior to full industrialisation (the facility has been quality certified by the industry's major international players).
In addition to green labelling, the SACMI range offers numerous other opportunities thanks to the development of solutions upstream and downstream from the labelling line. These include the brand new D-Match digital module; this allows personalised single-pass label decoration, a solution of huge interest to large hotel chains and the catering/hospitality sector as it allows for eye-catching brand personalisation and enhancement.
Close support from the Customer Service Division comes as standard across the entire SACMI range. In synergy with the SACMI Global Network, this Division provides advanced training and technical assistance packages and services (which can also be accessed remotely via cutting-edge IT solutions such as augmented reality). SACMI labelling machines can also be used in concert with LVS (labelling vision systems) units, ensuring total quality control at every stage of the process.

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