SACMI: Video message directly from production plants

In a short video message SACMI President Paolo Mongardi is turning directly to the customer and adresses consequences of the current COVID-19 pandemic. The 2 minute clip shows how work at the company's production facilities is continuing all over the world.

According to the video, SACMI is committed to mitigating the risk by strengthening their 'smart working' potential. They have managed to maintain order processing, shipping, logistics and assistance operations at the highest level.

The firm claims to guarantee support and assistance across all their businesses. Packaging production operations continue apace while all of SACMI's other manufacturing sectors are preparing for a post-emergency re-launch. Assistance and spare parts are still guaranteed worldwide: technical and sales personnel are working hard in close collaboration with their Global Network.

As stated in the clip, personnel remain at the customer's disposal to provide spare parts and order assistance in parts of the world with severe restrictions on production and travel. In areas where the business is unable to reach customers physically, they are still providing every possible support via strengthened tele-assistance services.

Paolo Mongardi closes the message with a reminder that everyone is working for future generations and expresses his gratitude for his colleagues, who are showing great tenacity and passion in the face of the pandemic.

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