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SACMI Equafill ECF, towards multi-packaging bottling

1:20 min Filling & Bottling
Sacmi Imola S.C. Imola, IO, Italy

The new monobloc unit can handle several commercially available packaging types (glass, cans, PET) in parallel, with real-time size changeovers and up to 25% greater efficiency compared to traditional lines.

EquaFill ECF multi-packaging is a SACMI solution that aims to meet bottlers' flexibility requirements from a multi-material perspective, allow frequent size changeovers and maximise filling process efficiency.

Designed to fill bottles and containers (in glass, PET or aluminium), cans - all on a single platform - this SACMI-developed solution is perfect for all those sectors (craft beer, fruit juices and CSDs) where product uniqueness benefits from manufacturing management that's completely free from any restrictions posed by the material or the container format.

Various configurations and output rates are possible. SACMI EquaFill can handle up to 36,000 containers per hour.

Outstanding process hygiene and user-friendliness are seamlessly combined with the solution's key feature, that is, the fact that it permits multi-packaging filling via extremely quick and easy format changeovers. With this solutions such as these SACMI is taking the industry towards tomorrow, away from traditional dedicated production lines (glass, cans, PET) towards true multi-line configurations.

Initial market feedback has shown that SACMI can, with such set-ups, increase average process efficiency, with a parallel, similarly sized reduction in fixed costs (CAPEX). Other advantages include - especially as regards revamping of existing facilities - a considerable reduction in the plant footprint.

In addition to net savings in terms of process-related space and costs, the SACMI monobloc also yields dividends in terms of synergy and efficiency as it's possible to avoid - thanks to the single platform - the duplication of shared parts such as pressurised piping, palletizers and rinsers, etc.

The outcome: a cutting-edge solution that matches the steady trend towards smaller production lots and caters to the need to get products on shelves in different sizes and materials to intercept every nuance of market demand while optimising the fixed costs of the entire process.

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