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PET preforms

Mold-Masters introduces new specialized PET-series hot runner system for producing high-quality PET preforms

Georgetown, ON, Canada

Mold-Masters new PET-Series hot runner system delivers consistent high-performance processing capabilities for exceptional preform quality. As always, Mold-Masters is focused on increasing the customer's productivity, enhancing reliability, and lowering part costs.


The company's PET-Series hot runner gives the customer the ability to fill thinner preforms (light weighting), to save resin thanks to better HR balance and less variation in preform weight, reduction in cycle time due to faster fill time and a wider process window along with a reduction of AA content.

The company achieves this great performance with the industry leading iFLOW Manifold Technology. Their proven 2-piece manifold designs incorporate patented melt flow geometry, flow path options and runner shapes that allow our engineers to optimize performance to the user's application. In addition, Mold-Masters are also introducing a new PET-Series Nozzle with improved thermal profile, field replaceable heater sleeve and industry standard gate design. PET-Series nozzles also incorporate new MasterSHIELD Technology for enhanced leakage protection between the nozzle and manifold even during cold start-up.

PET-Series hot runner systems are compatible with any major brand of PET-preform mold.

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