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Bottle Design

Youthful packaging design by Sidel opens a new page for Menton

Sidel Parma (PR), Italy

Sidel packaging team in Shanghai, China redesigned the package of Menton flavoured water by integrating youthfulness into its health attribute. The straight-wall lightweight PET bottle, which weighs only 17.85 grams for the 500 ml format, conveys the sense of modernity and is a statement of sustainable packaging. Targeting young consumers in China, this new design differentiates Menton as a premium choice among other Ready-to-Drink (RTD) flavoured water brands in the market.

Menton is a RTD product sold in convenience stores and markets around schools in medium-sized cities in China. After three years of rapid sales, Menton flavoured water faced growing competition in the market with similar packages and prices. Considering that Menton’s customers are price-sensitive young people who have grown up together with the development of China’s advanced internet culture, the brand decided to restyle the brand personality and resonate with them by repositioning the drink as a higher value product. To do so, they trusted in their long-term partner Sidel to develop a new packaging design from a concept to the industrial realisation of the product, which is also, but not only being produced on three Sidel Aseptic Combi Predis™ PET packaging lines at a very fast output of 60,000 bottles per hour (bph) per line. 

Drink that brings to a Mediterranean holiday

Sidel’s team conjured up a completely new bottle concept, including iconic bottle shape and label designs. As Menton flavoured water is available with multiple fruity flavours, the inspiration of the new look was one of the ingredients – lemons – that are harvested in Europe. As a result, an association with the ideal, sunny Mediterranean holiday was applied to the new design with the help of a bright and jaunty colour pallet: the unique metallic “Tiffany blue” colour gives an exquisite brand image and unifies the different flavours, but the illustrated fruit pattern with its lighthearted, funny and relaxing mood conveys the healthy and natural attributes of the drink. 

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