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Blow Technology

Willowton Group switches to inhouse PET bottle production for sunflower oil with Sidel blowers

Parma, Italy

After working for many years with local converters, Willowton Group (Willowton) in South Africa has increased its production volumes and revolutionised its sunflower oil brand, Sunfoil, thanks to Sidel’s expertise in PET blowing and packaging design.

Founded in 1970, Willowton is a family-owned business in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. With its innovative approach and hands-on attitude, Willowton has established itself as one of Africa’s leading oil seed processors and edible oil packers. It is the top edible oil manufacturer in South Africa, too, and it owns the country’s leading sunflower oil brand, Sunfoil. Thanks to its in-house oil refinery that has been in operation for over four decades, this regional powerhouse also produces edible oil for retail brands.

To increase its yearly production volumes and differentiate its Sunfoil brand from traditional edible oil brands with generic container shapes, Willowton decided to partner with Sidel to produce its PET containers in-house. To achieve this, the company acquired two Sidel EvoBLOW™ standalone blowers and relied on Sidel’s packaging design skills and experience to help it develop customised family bottle shapes.

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