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Versatile, green, automated: the full SACMI range to be showcased at Djazagro 2022

SACMI returns to Algiers after a year of projects and investments aimed at giving its machine range ever-greater 4.0 performance. From sensors and cutting-edge control - to ensure consistent, repeatable quality - to new integrated Beverage solutions that boost versatility, speed up changeovers, increase user-friendliness and lower maintenance requirements.

Piovan September

The technology-focused Algerian market has always rewarded the outstanding quality and performance of SACMI products. That market is now gearing up for Djazagro 2022, the international agri-food exhibition that returns to Algiers (SAFEX Exhibition Park) from 30 May to June 2, following a one-year hiatus on account of the international pandemic.

CCM smart r-evolution

For two years, SACMI has focused on developing its cap lines, now brimming with world-leading 4.0 technology. The first keystone of this development was the implementation of advanced on-machine sensors and controls: these provide highly useful monitoring and supervision functions that minimize waste and allow users to forecast any drift in the process.
Called Smart Pack, this solution is available on all latest-generation SACMI machines. It features controls such as correct dose positioning and insertion, quick-and-easy settings when there’s a material or size changeover, and the ability to predict any malfunctions related to wear or incorrect settings. More specifically, the service includes a predictive tool to optimize maintenance (monitoring of hydraulic oil condition, temperatures, any formation of condensation on molds); furthermore, it works in conjunction with Smart Care, which lets manufacturers link their machines directly ‘in-Cloud’ to SACMI servers and obtain made-to-measure monitoring, maintenance and assistance plans.
Alongside these developments, SACMI has launched new cap standards, especially on the 29 and 26 mm sizes, thus widening its range of lightweight applications for both CSDs and still water. All the proposals are designed to facilitate the market switch to the new tethered standard (caps that remain attached to the bottle after opening, limiting the risk of dispersion into the environment and aiding proper recycling).

Preform production, towards fully integrated quality control

Launched in 2021, the IPS 300 completes the range of SACMI injection machines for preforms. Needless to say, it offers outstanding flexibility, ease of use, reliability and high performance. This latest solution combines the recognized plus-points of the existing models in the range (IPS 220 and IPS 400) with major advances in automation and process control, strengthening SACMI’s market position with both bottlers and converters, who are already valued SACMI partners through their use of cap lines.
As on the IPS 400, the new IPS 300 features outstanding compatibility with various mold types, including those produced by third parties. From a productivity perspective, extremely fast lock-to-lock (2.1 seconds) and cycle times make this machine one of the best performers on the market.
On the IPS 300, automation is designed to provide an immediate, tangible economic advantage for the customer. The latest IPS generation features automation based on Beckhoff TwinCAT© architecture with EtherCAT© fieldbus. This ‘infrastructure’ can take process control to previously unthinkable levels, opening up the industry - thanks to the huge data processing and carrying capacity - to IoT opportunities (self-learning, predictive checks, etc.). It’s also possible to incorporate the PVS156 from the SACMI PVS (Preform Vision System) range directly on the press. The outcome: continuous monitoring of production quality, plus the opportunity to use system-fed data to make corrections to the process.

Flexi Opera and Flexi Kube, a unique platform for limitless labelling. The new Blo 2 Fill XL

Flexi as in flexible and versatile: in this sector, SACMI Beverage has focused - by expanding its range of machines and complete lines for bottling and labeling - on the market’s need to operate with multiple technologies and labeling systems, all on a single platform. In addition to outstanding labeling station modularity, this latest generation of labelers combines high performance, ease of use and reduced maintenance requirements.
Djazagro 2022 also offers SACMI a great opportunity to promote the new Blo 2 Fill XL, the now-consolidated blow molding-filling solution that has been extended to handle the increasingly popular 5-12 liter formats.
Visitors to the fair will also have an opportunity to talk with the SACMI team about further developments, such as incorporation of the automatic cap feeder or in-line integration of capping functions (FEC, full electronic capper). Such high levels of synergy - made possible by SACMI's unmatched Rigid Packaging know-how - would undoubtedly bring advantages in terms of the speed and precision with which the new lightweight caps are handled, reducing maintenance even further.
Full SACMI range at Djazagro 2022 - # CT F 076


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