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The Best Path to Reaching 2025 rPET Goals

United States

There is a stream of amazing industry announcements related to innovation in plastics recycling and the associated commitments. Companies are stepping forward to invest in new processes to create circularity and to adopt new business practices related to sustainability.

We have entered a transitional time for the PET industry as we celebrate 80 years of success and ~45 years in packaging. Previous cycles of “reinvention” for PET have included moving from homopolymer to copolymer PET resins, from DMT to PTA, from SSP to Melt-to-Resin processes, “lightweighting”, and industry consolidation.

Increased rPET content goals are taking root in our value chain and altering industry paradigms. This shared objective of higher rPET content needs to be addressed with a variety of different business, technology, and strategy options. A single solution to “sustainability” is not going to work for every unique package and application need. While there is a shared industry goal for improvement, each company has unique choices available to meet their specific goals.

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