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Investing in rPET Infrastructure to Meet 2025 Goals

2:50 min Markets and Management
SBAcci, Inc. United States

PET is the largest rigid packaging plastic by volume in the United States. It is also the most recycled plastic in the US. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides 2019 recycle rate of ~28% for PET that follows aluminum packaging (all formats) at 35% and glass packaging at 31%. The strong commitment to increased recycled PET (rPET) content in packaging will increase demand and create supply shortages.

The current post-consumer recycled (PCR) content rate is ~9% and most brands have 2025 goals with a 15% minimum PCR content. Aspirational recycled content levels go much higher than 15%. The unfortunate reality is that the current U.S. reclamation infrastructure cannot generate the needed volumes of rPET pellets by 2025. These rPET content commitments create a strong and immediate opportunity for investments in rPET reclamation.

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