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The new Sales Manager Team of the Swiss mould manufacturer (f.l.t.r.): Fabio Crestani (PAC), Markus Feldmann (PET) and Urs Harder (MED). (Photo credit: Otto Hofstetter AG)


Reorganization at Otto Hofstetter AG - Operational management now ensured by an interdisciplinary team

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Otto Hofstetter AG Uznach, Switzerland

Since the start of the new year, Otto Hofstetter has reorganized its operational management, now steered by the division heads of the Sales, Technology, Production and Training/Service Center. Stefan Zatti has transferred the management of PET sales to Markus Feldmann, but will retain overall responsibility for marketing and sales.

The sweeping economic, technological and social developments now underway around the world have accelerated the pace of change compared to previous decades. In order to remain competitive at all levels as an international company, Otto Hofstetter AG is adapting its internal organization to meet this rapidly evolving business environment.

Thus, the family-owned Swiss company aims to ensure that it can offer effective solutions to the challenges in the plastics processing industry more quickly while still guaranteeing customers the highest quality, delivered on time and at competitive prices. For Otto Hofstetter, CEO and owner, "the new organization makes us more flexible and creates space for strategic planning. In addition, day-to-day responsibility is taken by those on the front line, with specialist knowledge." The division managers are at the core of the reorganization. Operations are divided into Sales, Technology, Production, and Training + Services (DLZ). Working together, they assure the smooth running of day-to-day business.

The sales organization now comprises Packaging, PET preform and Medtech, managed respectively by Fabio Crestani, Markus Feldmann and Urs Harder. Markus Feldmann takes over the PET division from Stefan Zatti, who in his role as a member of the executive management has more freedom for strategic projects. Markus Feldmann is supported by an experienced and well-known sales team, DLZ PET as well as the after-sales services and the Tech Center PET teams. Overall responsibility for sales and marketing remains with the executive management and lies with Stefan Zatti.


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