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Otto Hofstetter AG opens branch in Luxembourg.

On 1 November 2017, Otto Hofstetter AG, the Swiss manufacturer of moulds for PET preforms and the packaging industry, opened a branch office in Luxembourg. With this new office, the family-owned company from Uznach, Switzerland, is expanding its international presence and increasing its proximity to its customers in the EU.

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Otto Hofstetter AG, the Swiss mould manufacturer, opened a branch office in Luxembourg on 1 November 2017. For the company, this new location is yet another important step towards internationalisation. After opening branch offices in India, Hong Kong and China, the family-owned company from Uznach, Switzerland, is now expanding its network to include a location in the European Union. 

Otto Hofstetter Luxembourg SA will start out with a team of six specialists. The core competences of the branch will be design and consulting. The team consists of highly skilled specialists with decades of experience in the PET industry. With the new location in Luxembourg, Otto Hofstetter AG is now much closer to its numerous customers in the Benelux countries, in France and in Germany. The experienced design engineers in Luxembourg will support the team at Otto Hofstetter’s headquarters. Regarding the expansion, Otto Hofstetter, owner and CEO of the Swiss mould manufacturer, said the following: “Our new location allows our customers and ourselves to benefit in three ways.” The market is moving increasingly towards individual solutions, while the speed of innovation continues to increase and the amount of time available for projects continues to decrease. “Today, the goal is to increase flexibility while maintaining quality and reliability.” Otto Hofstetter is sure that Otto Hofstetter Luxembourg SA will allow the company to meet this need at any time. Management at Otto Hofstetter AG wants to fully integrate the specialists in Luxembourg in three months at most.

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