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Left: Device: OH Xport is a new multifunctional device of Otto Hofstetter AG that helps to increase production efficiency and extend the longevity of their moulds. Right: Cockpit: Information gathered by the new OH Xport of Otto Hofstetter AG is presented in a cockpit, which is accessible via any standard Internet browser. Photo credit: Otto Hofstetter

Injection Moulds Monitoring

OH Xport – the key to greater productive capacity - Innovation from Otto Hofstetter AG

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Otto Hofstetter AG Uznach, Switzerland

Starting immediately, Otto Hofstetter AG is offering a new multifunctional device for its injection moulds. OH Xport helps manufacturers of packaging and preforms increase their production efficiency and further extend the longevity of their tools. During production, the device transmits crucial performance values to a cockpit, allowing for optimisation of production routines and error detection before malfunctions or quality loss become evident.

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Otto Hofstetter AG upholds its tradition of maintaining close contact with its customers. The Swiss mould manufacturer thus realises the challenges that producers of packaging and PET preforms are confronted with on a daily basis. Significantly increasing annual productive capacity using an existing infrastructure is a formidable task. However, with OH Xport, Otto Hofstetter AG has created the prerequisite to do precisely that. Measured in terms of potential for improvement, an investment in the multifunctional device pays off even before the first year of use is over.

Process optimisation and prevention.

OH Xport is a small, smart multifunctional device that supports packaging and preform manufacturers in numerous ways. It provides both a basis with which to optimise production routines and also identifies errors before malfunctions or quality losses are detected by the system operator. The entire process is defined by simplicity and security.

Visualisation of relevant data.

OH Xport records the number of uses, system efficiency, cooling circuit and hot runner temperature, coolant flow rate, machine standstill times and the cause of a possible machinery stop. Based on the recorded data, the add-on device helps determine the right time for preventive maintenance. OH Xport gathers data on the tool and transmits it via a 3G data connection to an analysis site where it is automatically aggregated. The values are displayed as clear charts in a cockpit that can be controlled by all current Internet browsers. Users who have been predefined by the operator can access the information necessary to prevent a machine standstill or improve production processes, for example. The cycle is complete once the plant manager learns of the increase in line efficiency thanks to the optimisations during the course of short-term, medium-term or even long-term reporting on the degree of process improvement.

Retrofitting existing systems.

OH Xport is available immediately as an add-on for all new injection moulding tools from Otto Hofstetter AG. Existing systems can also be retrofitted thanks to its easy installation. Installation, commissioning and instruction is minimal and requires just two days. Likewise, the required machinery stop is negligible and lasts only two to four hours.

Short-term amortisation and long-term guarantee.

OH Xport provides major benefits such as higher annual production, increased longevity and preventive maintenance, and thus also more security during production. The smart multifunctional device from Otto Hofstetter AG is also moderately priced – another good reason to invest in it. The benefits accrued in production compensate for the investment before the first year of use is over. Plus, the Swiss mould producer provides an extended guarantee of either two or three years for new moulds equipped with OH Xport.

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