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Sorting solutions

Reconciling sustainability and profitability - MEETING with Michael Perl, Sesotec GmbH

In the context of recycling and the circular economy, one of the essential technologies is sorting. Effective sorting is a prerequisite for maximum yield and quality of the feedstock.

Piovan April

The machines for product inspection of plastics include tunnel detectors and free fall systems. In the case of packaged and unpackaged food, the inspection for foreign substances is carried out, e.g. using X-ray technology. Detecting metals in packaging, e.g. in the food industry, is particularly challenging if the packaging itself has a barrier layer made of aluminum, for example.


Facts & Figures: SESOTEC GMBH

Sesotec goes back to the former S + S electronic KG, founded in 1976. As S + S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH, the company specialized in detecting metals, e.g. in wood processing. After several changes of ownership, the company has been trading as Sesotec since 2015. In the meantime, today’s Sesotec has also expanded internationally.


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