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Preform Monitoring

PREFORM Factory concept 4.0 guarantees the reliability of the entire production facility

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IMD Ltd. Brügge, Switzerland

"The Preform Factory concept is the right way forward! We must integrate the PECO LUX inline PREFORM monitoring system into all of our PET production facilities. In that way, every shot is tested and we can react immediately to any variations". 

That is the way one exhibition visitor put it.

PECO LUX fully integrated monitoring system for preforms

With just a few modifications, the PECO LUX can be integrated into all existing production lines without taking up any extra space. The IMDvista V5 software is easy to operate and gives a continuous overview of production quality, as well as any colour variations and issues a warning immediately if anything is running slightly askew. This means that production reliability is guaranteed. Every shot is tested. With PECO LUX, IMD is offering a monitoring system that is cost-effective to incorporate into all preform production facilities.

PECO V3 preform inspection system - compact like never before

Ideal for inline inspection or resorting. The US début of the new IMDVista PECO V3 at NPE showed that the new products were very well received. It has a very compact, yet robust design (taking up less than 7 m2 including the sorter), a high output speed of up to 90,000 p/h, cavity detection and easy product change without costly replacement of matched parts. This is a perfect test system for fully automated and optimised preform production processes in the plastics packaging industry, where the early detection of any impurities or faults is becoming more and more important.

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