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New hot runner system

Mold-Masters® introduces new economical hot runner solution for commodity applications

Georgetown, ON, United States

Mold-Masters® is pleased to announce the availability of the new Mold-Masters EcoONE-Series Hot Runner System.

The EcoONE-Series is a highly economical solution suitable for processing commodity resins for simple, cost sensitive applications such as consumer goods, small home appliances, basic automotive components, electronic peripherals/accessories and more.

The EcoONE-Series system offers a wide range of standard nozzle options with a nozzle shot range capacity of <5g up to 3,500g in lengths ranging from 50-300mm. There are five standard non-valved and five standard valved gating options. Manifolds are available in 1-8 drop configurations with custom pitch options. Currently, it is available as a manifold system only and is expected to be shipped and delivered in as little as 3-4 weeks.

The EcoONE-Series standardized components are what enables Mold-Masters to offer rapid delivery and reduce costs to minimize investments for simple projects. The purchase price is significantly lower than Mold-Masters’ premium hot runner solutions.

The EcoONE-Series system is also field serviceable to minimize downtime and operating costs. The system’s nozzles use replaceable brass heater sleeves while manifolds incorporate push-in heater elements. As these are standard components inventory is on-hand and available through the Mold-Masters MasterCARE global service network. System components are covered for up to two years under the products global warranty.

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