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Tethered Caps

Gerolsteiner introduces tethered caps

1:35 min Caps & Closures
Gerolstein, Germany

According to EU regulations, the caps of non-returnable PET bottles must remain firmly attached to the bottle even after opening to ensure that the bottle and cap are recycled together reliably. From March 2023, Gerolsteiner, Germany's market leader among branded mineral waters, will start using the new tethered caps. From July next year, the new cap will be mandatory for all non-returnable PET bottles.

Gerolsteiner intends to complete the conversion process to the new tethered caps, which the company started in week 9/2023, by the end of the first quarter of 2024. First, the Gerolsteiner 1.5 liter non-returnable PET bottle will gradually be equipped with tethered caps. Beverages will follow in 1.0 liter and 0.75 liter disposable PET containers at the end of 2023. For a more extended transitional period, the Gerolsteiner disposable PET range will be offered with the previous caps and the new tethered cap. At the end of March 2024, i.e. well before the deadline of 3 July 2024 set by the EU, Gerolsteiner wants to have switched entirely to the new closures.

Material savings support sustainability goals - Large opening angle ensures drinking comfort

Gerolsteiner sees the further development of packaging as a building block within the framework of its commitment to sustainability. The new tethered cap height is lower than that of the previously used closure, resulting in material savings of 0.05 g or 0.33 g per closure, depending on the type. The weight saving in the thread area reduces the material requirement by 0.8 or 1.3 g, depending on the preform. Both contribute to further improving the ecological balance of the bottles and thus support Gerolsteiner's sustainability goals. The necessary drinking comfort is also taken care of: the neck ring's reduced diameter increases the closure's opening angle to 160 to 180 degrees. That way, the tethered cap doesn't interfere with pouring or drinking from the bottle.

With a seal on the bottle labels, Gerolsteiner informs consumers about the new tethered cap. In addition, a dedicated landing page on the topic is to be created, which will be linked via a QR code on the label.

Practiced sustainability

Gerolsteiner sees sustainability as part of its corporate DNA. The mineral water producer was the first German beverage company to be registered according to the eco-audit regulation, has operated a systematic environmental management since 1992 and has had a certified energy management system since 2013. The holistic sustainability concept covers the areas of health and well-being, water source and product protection, environmental and climate protection and social responsibility. Gerolsteiner was the first mineral water company to commit to the 1.5 degree target of the international climate protection policy. The company is committed to developing climate-stable forests in the Eifel and water-friendly agricultural management in the source region.

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