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rPET Recycling

EcoBlue commences commercial production at its new recycling facility for food-grade rPET, rPP & rHDPE

EcoBlue is now ready to provide high-quality recycled resins to help meet the sustainability goals of leading consumer product companies. With the new recycling capacity of 31,000 tons per annum for PET, it shall be able to give new life to 2.7 billion PET bottles.

Piovan April

Along with this, it would also recycle 10,000 tons per annum of HDPE and PP post-consumer waste into high-grade resin for food and other applications. This will help to reduce approximately 64,000 tons of CO emissions.

Some of the key features of its new facility:

Food Grade rPET, rPP & rHDPE

Thailand’s first recycling company to receive the Letter of No Objection by the US FDA for rPET for bottle and PET Film manufacturing and rPP & rHDPE for specific conditions of use.

World-class Technologies

  • The new facility is equipped with the best technology suppliers like Starlinger and TOMRA.
  • 3D Pure Filtration Technology for high-end applications like PET Film & Filament Yarn.
  • HDPE & PP recycling with special features for odor reduction.

Responsible recycling with reduced Carbon Footprint

  • Diverting ocean-bound plastics from the new facility.
  • State of the art Effluent Treatment Plant using German Tech.
  • Installation of Solar Panels for Carbon Neutrality.


(Photo credit: EcoBlue)

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