Starlinger recoSTAR PET 215 iV+ bottle-to-bottle recycling line. (Photo credit: Starlinger)


EcoBlue tackling plastic waste problem in Thailand with Starlinger PET bottle-to-bottle recycling line

EcoBlue Ltd., Thailand's first bottle-to-bottle recycler, has invested 25 million US Dollars to set up a new recycling facility for PET and polyolefins. A new Starlinger PET bottle-to-bottle recycling line is going to be part of the expansion.

"Our aim is to turn post-consumer and post-industrial waste materials into a sustainable substitute of virgin resin", explains Pranay Jain, founder and Managing Director of EcoBlue Ltd. "In anticipation of the increased commitment of organisations towards sustainability, EcoBlue has invested in setting up a new world-class recycling facility with the very best technologies for PET and polyolefins recycling. By having Starlinger as a technology partner, we will ensure that we are able to provide consistent and high-quality bottle-grade rPET to our customers."

Starlinger's recoSTAR PET 215 iV+ bottle-to-bottle recycling system will be delivered to EcoBlue's production site in Rayong Province, Thailand, in July 2021 and within the following weeks be assembled by the local Starlinger technician with remote support from Starlinger's headquarters in Austria. The line reaches an output of 2,500 kg per hour, equalling a total production capacity of about 20,000 tons of bottle-grade rPET per year.

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