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Sipa’s Xtra Blow Molding System (Photo credit: SIPA)

SIPA - Drinktec Preview

Drinktec 2022: SIPA - Fastest bottle production and filling, lowest use of materials and energy

SIPA S.p.A. Vittorio Veneto (TV), Italy

SIPA will be showing its unique expertise in PET technology -- container design and engineering, cutting-edge preform injection capability, and state-of-the-art blowing and filling systems, alongside sustainable solutions based on reduced consumption of utilities and virgin fossil-based materials, and increased use of post-consumer recyclate.

Piovan April

An outstanding combination of know-how in managing plastics throughout diverse processes puts SIPA in a highly strategic position in an environment in constant flux.

Visitors to the SIPA stand, A4/304, will gain a new perspective on packaging opportunities, with a full-immersive experience in a world of new possibilities. Demonstrations and displays will provide a deep insight into SIPA’s outstanding capabilities in providing customized solutions with the flexibility to adapt to the fast-changing market, across diverse technologies. Line integration, filling, sustainability, and digitization will be key focus points

Innovations in single- and two-stage technologies

Running all through the show will be SIPA’s latest innovation in stretch-blow molding technology, an XTRA rotary system producing 100-mL drinks containers. It will be processing 100% post-consumer recycled PET, at speeds never seen before. A particular focus will be given over to extremely simple and fast mold changeover and to advanced controls, with a stand-alone XTRA HMI showing how easy process set-up can be, thanks to a Process Wizard. This feature is particularly important, given the continuing shortage in many places of skilled personnel.

Also on the stand will be a single-stage ISBM system, an ECS SP80, which SIPA will be using to demonstrate how flexible the technology can be in production of a wide variety of containers – in this case, miniatures for liqueurs. The ability to respond to fast-changing customer and market requirements is more important than ever today, especially with the current substantial shortfall in availability of glass bottles.

Capabilities in mold making for bottles and preforms

SIPA’s ability to develop and produce high-performance, high-cavitation hot-runner injection molds will be demonstrated. On display will be a mold optimized to enable the highest preform production rate in the market. Also important for the future will be the capacity the company has to respond to customer calls for design modifications driven by changes in legislative requirement for bottle caps, which are likely to affect bottle neck designs.

All the angles covered

The stand will include a large area dedicated to packaging solutions, with in-depth displays showing SIPA’s capabilities in packaging design and engineering, to further demonstrate it has all the angles covered, from concept to finished, filled, fully recyclable container.

Special powers

At the center of the SIPA stand will be information zones dedicated respectively to line integration, sustainability, and digitization.

Conceiving, developing, and delivering fully integrated production systems that exactly fit the requirements of customers is one of SIPA’s special powers. Getting its world premiere at Drinktec is the Xtreme Renew Sincro Cube system for creating filled and capped bottles from 100% rPET flakes in a single step. It is the ultimate demonstration of SIPA’s strengths in using advanced engineering to devise fully integrated and highly flexible systems that pose little limit on customer needs and imagination.

SIPA will also demonstrate its comprehensive portfolio of solutions downstream from bottle blowing. A feature being highlighted is how a single Flextronic filling system can be designed to handle not only PET bottles, but glass bottles too.


In the Sustainability zone, SIPA will highlight its multiple capabilities at the service of container producers, fillers and brand owners to reduce consumption of materials, energy, water, and compressed air, and to create containers that use the highest levels of recycled PET  as well as alternative resins–  and which are fully recyclable, not only in principle, but in practice too.

SIPA is also shining the light on AWArPET, the new brand to communicate the company's approach in the design and production of primary and secondary packaging according to the utmost respect for the environment. SIPA’s product design experts are involved in the development of thousands of new packaging designs every year, and in all of these, the three Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – are constant guides.

Even more digital

The zone on digitization will feature the very latest innovations in SIPA’s technical services package, called the Echo System. This makes it possible to have full control of system performance, increasing efficiency and optimizing costs. It allows users to access information on any of its SIPA machines anywhere in the world, at any time.

SIPA at drinktec: Hall A4

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