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BluStream® - Chemical-free Cap sterilization module. (Photo credit: Serac)

SERAC - Drinktec Preview

Drinktec 2022: Serac proposes to beverage manufacturers to reduce their water and virgin plastic consumption

Cedex, France

Serac will be exhibiting at the Drinktec trade fair to present its sustainable packaging solutions enabling beverage manufacturers to reduce their consumption of water and virgin plastic.

Piovan April

Reducing water consumption thanks to its chemical-free packaging sterilization technology: BluStream®

Serac will present on its booth the BluStream® chemical-free cap sterilization module which has been in production for over a year at Sources Alma, a beverage manufacturer located in France. This module allows Sources Alma to eliminate the need for chemical decontamination of caps during the aseptic filling of sensitive beverages such as flavored waters, fruit juices or tea-based drinks. By eliminating chemicals during sterilization, the need for rinsing water is also eliminated. This is a real innovation in the beverage market.

Indeed, as Romain Leclercq, Head of the Carbonated & Soft Drinks Division at Sources Alma, states: "BluStream® technology contributes to the reduction of water and chemical consumption in our production site. Today we are very satisfied with the results we have obtained in terms of performance and decontamination efficiency".

100% rPET opaque bottles

The Serac’s booth will also feature a presentation of 100% rPET bottles manufactured on Serac's SBL blow molding machine. Transparent bottles, of course, but also 100% recyclable opaque bottles to fill light-sensitive products such as milk, already on sale in French supermarkets.

Adopting a "Reuse, Refill, Return" model with glass bottles

For beverage manufacturers who want to switch to a Reuse Refill Return model, Serac offers visitors the opportunity to discover or rather rediscover its filling line for glass bottles including intelligent inspection systems capable of meticulously controlling all parts of the bottle.

Thanks to a complete range of decontamination technologies, Serac is able to adapt its filling lines to the specific requirements of each company and to the reuse model in which they wish to participate.

Serac participates in the "Inspiration.Hub" series of conferences held in Hall A3 of the Drinktec exhibition

Delphine Gueguen, Technical Director Sensitive Products at Serac, will give a conference on Tuesday, September 13 from 10:00 to 10:30 a.m. in Hall A3 of the show.

Conference title: How to remove chemicals from packaging sterilization to make aseptic filling of drinks more environmentally friendly?


Adopting new decontamination technology without the use of chemicals will quickly become a must for beverage producers. This is a revolution, an ecological transition that is as urgent as it is necessary, and which will produce great benefits in terms of productivity, efficiency and environmental protection, and in which every company has a role to play.

Serac at drinktec: Hall B5, booth 340

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