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CONSENT & Gneuss: Largest producer of PET Strapping in UAE receives Middle East Waste & Recycling Award

CONSENT, based in Dubai collects over 6.000 tonnes of PET bottles from waste sites annually and processes these to high quality PET bottle flakes, using a state-of-the-art recycling unit developed and integrated by themselves. Along with PET bottles, PET strapping tape from post- industrial units are also processed by having best practices in the environmental business and sustainability in the region.

In a second process, CONSENT uses Gneuss MRS extrusion technology to produce high quality and high tensile Polyester (PET) strapping by adding recycled PET bottle flakes along with chopped post-industrial PET strap. The Gneuss MRS extruders remove the need for pre-drying or crystallisation of the PET flakes. Additionally, the Gneuss multiple screw MRS extruder and the Gneuss Rotary Melt Filtration System ensure the optimum product quality.

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