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(Photo credit: SIPA)

SIPA - NPE preview

Challenging packaging to prove SIPA's innovative design and technology capabilities at NPE

1:10 min NPETwo step blow moulding systems
SIPA S.p.A. Vittorio Veneto (TV), Italy

At SIPA’s booth, visitors will experience SIPA's comprehensive 360° expertise in packaging design and manufacturing that enables customers to get attractive containers while prioritizing economical and sustainable production.

Piovan April

SIPA design experts will illustrate how they take into account various critical parameters, including weight reduction, container behavior, filling line performance, storage, transportation and cost-effectiveness to get the most effective bottle design at the lowest production cost.

Piovan Summiteer May 2024

Two machines will e running at SIPA’s booth:

SIPA at NPE: S19096

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