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Aptar Food + Beverage announces Slide, a new liner-free dispensing closure

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Crystal Lake, Illinois, United States

Aptar Food + Beverage announces Slide, a new closure that does not require the application of a foil liner for shelf-stable food products, which is the market norm today.

“We conducted multiple consumer studies while developing this solution, and in almost every case, we heard that removing the liner is a point of frustration today,” states Matt Schalewski, Senior Global Business Development Manager at Aptar. “Slide enables consumers to access their product with one opening gesture, delivering a convenient and memorable packaging experience while still protecting product shelf life and reducing the potential for product tampering.”

Slide: Revolutionary Tamper Evidence System

To eliminate the need for a foil liner, Aptar Food + Beverage developed a patented non-detachable tamper evidence system which is built into the closure. Upon first opening the package, the tamper evidence band visually slides from the “closed” to the “open” position and locks into the lid of the closure. This is a benefit to both brands and consumers as this breakthrough feature provides product safety by informing consumers whether the package has been previously opened. Additionally, Slide provides a much more convenient packaging experience as consumers no longer need to unscrew the closure, remove and dispose of the liner, and put the closure back onto the bottle before dispensing the product. With Slide, all these steps are replaced by only one simple and intuitive opening gesture.


Recyclability is Key

In addition to ensuring consumer safety and convenience, brand owners are also seeking packaging alternatives that align and enable them to deliver on their sustainability commitments. Since the foil liner is not considered to be recyclable today, removing this component reduces the amount of packaging waste. Aptar’s lifecycle analysis comparing Slide to a closure with a foil liner showed that liner-free packaging reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 16%. This innovative dispensing closure also leverages Aptar’s new SimpliCycle™, a fully recyclable flow control valve technology that has been approved by leading organizations such as the Association for Plastic Recyclers (APR) in the United States, and RecyClass in Europe as being fully recyclable.

Slide has been tested for use on shelf-stable products. This innovative solution also comes in industry-standard dimensions and bottle neck finishes.

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