Pioneering Preform and Water Bottle Production

The implementation of our bottle-to-bottle project is a groundbreaking step towards the circular economy in preform and bottle production with a strong focus on respecting natural resource, one of Ferrarelle Group’s main priorities.”


Ferrarelle SpA is a 100% Italian-owned company and bears the name of the historical mineral water brand proudly brought back to Italy in 2005. Its 400 employees work in the company's fi ve strategic locations: Milan, home of the commercial offi ces; Riardo (Caserta), the administrative and operative headquarter and home of Ferrarelle, Santagata and Natía springs; Darfo Boario Terme (Brescia), the home of Boario, Vitasnella and Fonte Essenziale springs; Presenzano (Caserta), home of the new PET recycling plant; Pontedera (Pisa), headquarter of Amedei, the chocolate company part of Ferrarelle Group since August 2017. Ferrarelle SpA is the fourth largest company in the Italian mineral water market.

Tomra May 2024
The process conditions in the reactor enable the polycondensation to take place. In the reactor vessel, the PCR flakes stay for the adjusted time to reach the dedicated iV. The iV increased and 100% food grade material is discharged from the reactor. Cooling takes place by means of dry air. After cooling of the material to a certain temperature level, a valve diverts the PCR flakes directly to a downstream process or, after further cooling in the cooling vessel, to an intermediate storage silo. viscoSTAR’s can be placed stand alone, after a pelletizing extruder or in front of a production extruders like at Ferrarelle and is available in various sizes. The main distinctive feature between those viscoSTARS is different output levels, which differs from 800 up to 2,000kg PET per hour depending on reactor size. What they all have in common is the EFSA and FDA approval for food grade standards. viscotec’s decontamination technology exceeds existing standards and regulations and guarantees 100% recycled PET for the direct contact with food.
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