VELOX to present its expanded POLYRAM tie layer portfolio with two new grades for PS and PET multilayer VELOX GmbH announces its extended product portfolio in partnership with POLYRAM Plastic Industries Ltd.  Polyram Plastic Industries Ltd. (“POLYRAM”) is a leading global supplier of high performance thermoplastic compounds. VELOX is distributing POLYRAM’s adhesive resins, Bondyram TL, since beginning of 2003 Well-established in the market are ready to use polypropylene-grades and concentrated anhydride polyethylene-grades designated for multilayer coextruded structures. These Bondyram grades are primarily used for food packaging applications.  Introduced in 2016 the new grades TL4530 and TL4401 of the Bondyram series will allow customers coextrusion of copolyester (PET / PETG) or polystyrene (PS) to adhere to materials such as EVOH, PA and PE resins.  Dror Koen, International Marketing Manager – Europe at POLYRAM, explained that the development of the new grade and all necessary tests are completed. Bondyram TL4401 was developed especially for polystyrene hot fill applications. The principal characteristic is the high Vicat Softening Temperature (VST), which is above 85°C. This new grade offers a very good adhesion for coextruded films, which could have the following structure: PE/TL4401/EVOH/TL4401/PS (see image). Hall 6 / A23

Jomar launches next-generation
injection blow molding (IBM) machine

The Jomar IntelliDrive series features precise servo-driven hydraulics that reduces energy consumption by 40%-50% and boasts a dry cycle time of 1.8 sec. which is significantly faster than standard hydraulic machines. Jomar engineers worked in partnership with Bosch Rexroth, Charlotte, N.C., to develop a proprietary use of servo-driven hydraulic technology to power the plastifier. “We’ve developed a machine that reduces operating costs and increases production, thus delivering more profits for our customers, ” said Ron Gabriele, Sales Manager for Jomar. Along with the lower energy and utility costs, the IntelliDrive series offers a reinforced main platen which reduces the possibility of deflection. The machine also features a closed-loop system for the machine’s clamping system, which delivers exact control over the clamp’s speed and position. This creates faster speeds for opening and closing while simultaneously reducing impact upon tooling, thus prolonging the lifespan of the molds. Hall 14, A32


Stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping integrated system with output
rate up to 33,600 bph (0.5 L)
The integrated system of stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping of the ECOBLOC® ERGON LG-VMAG series combines the functions of a rotary stretch-blow moulder, of an electronic rotary filler and of a rotary capper. The ECOBLOC® integrated system stands out for: -compact modular frame, with a wide choice of customization options -latest technology innovations adopted in the machine design -perfect synchronization between the “dry” environment of the stretch-blow moulding module and the “wet” environment of the filling module -minimum number of transfer star wheels, as the stretch-blow moulding module and the filling/capping module stand ”back to back”, with no need for connecting conveyors -operating and maintenance costs dramatically cut -outstanding price/quality ratio. SMI’s ECOBLOC® ERGON LG-VMAG series models are the ideal solution for manufacturing, filling and capping PET, PEN and PP containers of many different sizes and shapes, from the simplest to the most complex and innovative. Combining stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping in one single machine offers major economic benefits: -no need for a rinser, accumulation conveyors and conveyors between the blower and the filler -virtual elimination of container contamination risks -considerable reduction of line inefficiency causes All models are equipped with an innovative bottle transfer system, minimizing the risks of product contamination and increasing the machine’s overall performance; ECOBLOC® ERGON LG-VMAG integrated systems can be employed in the bottling lines of sparkling water and CSD.  Hall 14, B69

CYPET to show the biggest (50 ptr) PET containers

CYPET Technologies Ltd of Nicosia, Cyprus, manufacturer of single-stage PET processing machines using its own, patented technology, will show at the world’s two biggest 50 litre PET containers.  The a 50l beer keg is capable of withstanding over 9 bar burst pressure, now in production in Australia on a CYPET K 53 machine model. To complement this 50 Litre keg size, the machine also produces 30 Litre beer kegs as well as 35l conical-shaped PET fermenters for home brewing.  The new 50l container for transporting milk, with a 180 mm neck diameter and with unique moulded-in handles for easy carrying, is now in production in Kenya on a CYPET K 38 machine model. To complement this 50l milk jug size, the machine also produces a 20l version with the same neck and handles. Hall 14, C58

Uniloy Blow Molding

Uniloy All-Electric Shuttle Blow Molding Machine M20.75 ED Producing 32 oz. Bottle  Manufactured in Milacron’s brand new, state of the art facility in Policka, Czech Republic, the NEW Uniloy All-Electric Shuttle machine specializes in the production of bottles, containers and technical parts from 100 ml up to 20 liters. This machine represents the first model of the NEW M-Series, 3rd generation of Uniloy’s successful All-Electric Shuttle blow molding machines. The new M-Series provides the benefits of all-electric, modular design, simplified and reliable components, reduced operating costs, and is clean room friendly while not sacrificing performance. The new Uniloy M-Series Shuttle can process virtually all commercial resins enabling you to produce everything from tiny cosmetic containers to large industrial packaging and offers guaranteed production time, minimized downtime, lower maintenance costs, easy operation and consistent product quality.  Cell Specifics:  5+5 cavity, 47 gram, 13 second cycle time Hall 15, C06
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