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SACMI: FLEXI OPERA RF - The new modular labelling machine dedicated to roll-fed

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Speed up to 72,000 bph and ability to operate at the highest level of efficiency with glass, metal and PET and RefPET. This is how the market rewards the SACMI solution, the most versatile in its category, ergonomic and safe, easy to install on existing lines.

FLEXI OPERA RF is SACMI's answer to a market in continuous evolution, which requires high performance and maximum versatility in the management of materials and sizes. With FLEXI OPERA, the customer invests in the high quality and mechanical efficiency of SACMI products, maximising productivity and minimising consumption and maintenance costs.

Versatility is the strength of this solution, suitable for handling both glass, metal and plastic, and RefPET) cylindrical and shaped containers. Easy to install on existing lines - the frame is similar in every configuration both for clockwise or anticlockwise movements - the machine meets all production requirements, with the possibility to mount several Roll-Fed labelling units.

In this configuration, brushless motors limit electricity consumption, while the glue unit equipped with internal recycling system reduces waste and consumption. Sturdy construction and reduced footprint complete the solution, with vacuum drums 40% smaller than the competition, for better performance and lower consumption and emissions.

FLEXI OPERA RF sums up SACMI's logic in the development of a new generation of labelling machines that focus on process quality and operator safety. Ergonomic design, easy access to fundamental parts of the machine and reduced changeover times characterise the solution, which SACMI certifies with over 98% efficiency on the use of each individual reel.

FLEXI OPERA RF is available with the SACMI LVS (label vision system), for direct in-line quality control and correct application of the label. Thanks to the new HMI interface the operator can also take advantage of advanced monitoring functions, thanks to intuitive synoptic reports also available remotely. An additional SACMI guarantee in the management of the process total quality control.



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