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Cap inspection technology

SACMI Computer Vision Systems: Comprehensive metal cap inspection

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With DECOCAP360 and LUGGEDCAP360 the company establishes a new industry benchmark.
The 2.0 version of the CVS360-3D software improves the effectiveness of the inspection algorithms, covering areas and revealing defects currently invisible to standard vison systems

With its DECOCAP360 and LUGGEDCAP360 computer vision systems, SACMI has established a new benchmark for the metal cap inspection market. The former is designed to inspect the cap top, bottom and any lithographed side walls. The latter, instead, is designed to inspect the inside of the cap.
Thorough side wall inspection of twist-off, euro-twist, orbit, etc. lug caps is a key market requirement. SACMI has responded to it by incorporating additional features on its systems so manufacturers can detect defects that are invisible to standard vison systems.
Both solutions are equipped with the SACMI-patented Chrometriq illuminator; this comes in two distinct versions, ChrometriqDeco for the DECOCAP360 and ChrometriqTO for the LUGGEDCAP. These employ 5 video cameras, one to inspect the central panel and 4 lateral cameras to inspect the side wall.

Thanks to the 2.0 version of the CVS360-3D software module, the vision system can return a 2D image of the entire side wall profile, compensating for any distortion that might arise from optics, position or perspective.
Another key innovation concerning the outer decorated part is that the software can compensate for the metal sheet blanking offset once inserted in the press (this can otherwise lead to recess-like warping on side decorations).
While generally acceptable to customers, such warping can, in fact, reduce vision system sensitivity and generate false positives or negatives. Thanks to compensation, the system reconstructs the metal sheet virtually exactly as it was prior to blanking, thus boosting the efficacy of the lithograph inspection algorithm.
With regard to the inside of the cap, instead, the LUGGEDCAP360 performs complete cap inspection, especially in the area underneath the curl and lugs, impossible to inspect with standard optics from an overhead position.
Further LUGGEDCAP360 advantages include inspection of the press-twist caps used for baby food. In this case, the system runs an ultra-reliable check on compound insertion. With these caps the compound reaches the curl and performs the crucial task of mating with the glass jar thread; this ensures a perfect seal and product integrity, providing added safety for products intended for new-born babies.