On course for more success after an excellent “K” show

| Recycling machines | Gneuss Kunststofftechnik | Bad Oeynhausen

For Gneuss Kunststofftechnik (Bad Oeynhausen, Germany) the „K“ show was more than successful. A whole fireworks display of new products for the processing and recycling of plastics were presented to visitors from all over the world. The result of a long term development programme, Gneuss presented a large number of innovative new products, tailored for special applications in the manufacture of products from plastics.

 “We are extremely pleased that nearly all of our long term customers visited us at the „K“, that we were able to meet a large number of new potential customers and that we were able to close some interesting new deals. The proportion of international contacts was over 75 % with most of these from Europe but also many from North and South America”.
Andrea Koßmann, marketing.

The interests of the visitors was as diverse as their nationalities. The MRS extruder for polyester processing (and also for polyolefin recycling) was and is a magnet of attention.

The interest in polyester and polyolefin recycling with highly contaminated materials was reflected in a continued high demand for the Gneuss filtration systems. The RSFgenius and SFXmagnus ranges with their technical and economic advantages attracted increased attention, as did the new RSFgenius M and the SFXmagnus R (with integrated back flushing) ranges which represent an ideal addition to the existing ranges. The new SFpvc screen changer, specially developed for processing rigid PVC with high contamination loads also drew a great deal of attention.

The safety pressure overload cut out system according to EN 1114 was a much discussed subject with regard to measurement technology. Gneuss, with its “EPM” system has a comprehensive solution for this, with the maximum safety and reliability.

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