Largest staple fibre manufacturer in the Czech Republic commissions new line with Rotary Filtration Systems

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Two Filters for Better Fibres

For just over one year, the largest PET staple fibre manufacturer in Central Europe, Silons.r.o. in Plana nad Luznici in the Czech Republic has been operating a new line, equipped with Rotary Filtration Systems from Gneuss Kunststofftechnik GmbH, Bad Oeynhausen, Germany

With this new, high performance line, Silon last year replaced to older fibre spinning lines, with throughput rates of 400 and 700 kg/h. These lines were not match modern standards with regard to energy consumption and production efficiency. In addition to high quality products, an environmentally production is a high priority at Silon. PET bottle flake is therefore exclusively used for the manufacture of fibres. The Gneuss Rotary Filtration systems ensure that contamination is removed efficiently and reliably, guaranteeing high quality fibres which are mainly used in the automotive industry. Thanks to their pressure- constant operation, the Rotary Filtration Systems provide a highly consistent process, keeping the number of yarn breaks to a minimum and providing the maximum interval between spin pack filter changes. 

The first filter, an SFXmagnus 130 is responsible for the preliminary or coarse filtration (500 µm) of the polymer melt as it comes from the twin screw extruder. The second or main filter is responsible for the actual, fine filtration. The combination of two filters is necessary as the twin screw extruder can not develop sufficient back pressure to overcome the flow resistance of the required 40 µm filtration on the main filter and delivery to the spin beam. A melt booster pump, located between the two filters is required. The main filter is an RSFgenius 175 with a fully automatic self-cleaning system. As with all the Rotary Filtration Systems from Gneuss, these systems operate with a Rotary Disc, providing a continuous exchange of contaminated filter area without influencing the production process. They operate automatically and with an availability of practically 100 %, ensuring the highest possible production efficiency.

Silon was founded in the 1950´s and grew very quickly. In the mid 1970´s, Silon – with 2.200 employees – was already one of the most important and best-known industrial plants the Southern Bohemian region. Today, Silon is not only the largest PET staple fibre manufacturer in the Czech Republic but the largest manufacturer of PET fibres and PE and PP compounds in Central Europe. Silon´s products are manufactured not only in the original, main factory in the Plana nad Luznici but also in subsidiary factories in Germany, Paris, Vancouver and Suzhou in China and are sold in more than 30 countries worldwide. Silon has a wide product range and the customer base consists mostly of suppliers to the automotive industry as well as for white goods, carpets and water pipe systems. Thanks to their innovative technology, Silon is able to manufacture staple fibres from 100 % PET bottle flakes. 


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Gneuss Filtration Systems RSFgenius and SFXmagnus in the staple fibre line at Silon