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Dairy competence at Krones

Experts on everything to do with the white gold

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Dairy products demand to be handled gently – which is precisely why the white gold plays a significant role throughout the entire Krones Group. Because Krones and its subsidiaries support dairy products from their origination and all components to final filling on lines specially designed for the dairy industry.

Milk processing plants, too, can be reassuringly certain that the Krones Group is the right dependable partner not only for handling their entire project, but also for service and after-sales support. The staff at Milkron GmbH, newly founded in 2016 are authentic professionals with the requisite sectoral expertise, who with their long years of experience in process technology are able to support their clients to optimum effect. All over the world, they plan and install complete lines and stand-alone systems, or carry out expansion or modification jobs on existing installations.

From initial production all the way through to final bottling

For extending the shelf-life, hat Krones has developed its VarioAsept M flash pasteuriser specifically for dairy products. In order to minimise the thermal and oxidative stress involved, the unit is based on a shell-and-tube heat exchanger system, where the product, thanks to specially structured interior tubes is heated up and cooled down again very swiftly in selective heating and cooling segments, Other modularised constituents include the entire media supply kit, an aseptic buffer tank, a product deaerator, plus a homogeniser from Krones’ HST subsidiary. For sterile intermediate storage and buffering, moreover, the VarioStore aseptic tank system can be integrated into the line.

To prolong the shelf-life of dairy products, they have to be bottled in lightproof containers. Bottles made from PET ensure maximised product safety here, are not as heavy as glass bottles, and by virtue of their easy handling are particularly consumer-friendly. Krones’ lines can handle different PET variants – and thus offer an optimal solution for both products in the cold chain and those with an extended shelf-life. Krones’ design experts assist the bottlers in creating their own individualised PET container.

For bottling, Krones offers two different solutions: the Contipure AseptBloc DN is ideally suited for bottling UHT milk. Because the blow-moulder/filler block does not sterilise the finished bottles, but the preforms beforehand using gaseous hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). For ESL milk, a combination comprising the Contipure D preform sterilisation module, integrated into the Contiform stretch blow-moulding machine, plus an aseptic filler and capper, is the right choice.