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Divide, channel and pack - SMI solutions

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The handling of containers and products inside a bottling line is a key factor to ensure high levels of production efficiency. Today, in the Industry 4.0 era, in which the production line is characterized by machines that interact with each other, exchange information and collect data, handling has to be smooth and precise, in order to guarantee a more efficient and quicker production.

SMI offers compact and flexible systems for dividing and channeling containers and packs inside the production lines of the food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical, detergents and personal care industry.

The dividers /channelers from PACKPOSER and PACKSORTER ranges are equipped with an innovative handling system on three Cartesian axes. Depending on the model of divider chosen, the packs manufactured by SMI secondary packaging machines are arranged in two or more rows, rotated and channeled towards the palletizer or the machine for the secondary re-packaging.

The advantages of SMI solution

  • Use of high quality material which ensures operational reliability and durability

  • Low plant operating costs

  • Energy-efficient motors

  • Safety protections of aluminium and lexan

  • Compact and flexible systems suitable for several types of products

  • Rounded sliding safety doors that allow all motors to be placed externally in order to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance operations


The Packsorter divider / channeler receives the packs on single lane by the packer upstream and through an innovative handling system on three Cartesian axes, arranges them in two or more rows, channelling them towards the automatic palletizing system placed downstream. The divider can receive even packs on double lane, in this case acting as a simple conveyor belt towards the palletizer.


The Packposer divider / channeler receives the packs by a packer placed upstream and, through an innovative handling system on three Cartesian axes equipped with a motorized gripper, rotates them and/or arranges them in two or more rows, pre-composing the (re)packaging format under the work program of the secondary packaging machine located downstream.