CMG's EV616 model. (Photo credit: CMG)


Adaptive Motor Power by CMG: Finalist at Plastics Recyclers Awards Europe

| Recycling technology | PETnology StaffWriter

The Plastics Recycling Awards Europe claim to honor achievements throughout the plastics recycling industry. They offer an insight into current developments in recycled material usage, product design and innovative manufacturing. Under this year's finalists: The new Evoluzione series and the EV916 and EV616 models by CMG.

The successful shortlisted finalists for the Plastics Recyclers Awards Europe 2020 will be on display in a feature area at the Plastics Recycling Show Europe on the 25th-26th March 2020 at the RAI in Amsterdam. The winners will be announced at PRSE on 26th March 2020.

The CMG model on display is the EV616, a 9-ton machine with sufficiently small dimensions to be installed on stands. In addition the new cutting chamber, which allows a much longer blade life compared to conventional models. All the Evolutions are equipped with advanced controls, in the Industry 4.0 style, to make the machine operational.

The firm states it is 100% monitorable and manageable. Operating temperature, blade wear, productivity, operating efficiency, energy use, all functional parameters managed on the machine or remotely with OPC-UA protocol connectivity, are just some of the distinctive features.

Adaptive Motor Power – AMP

According to CMG all units, from medium to high capacity, feature the Adaptive Motor Power function, unique in the size reduction industry. The granulator is able to independently determine which power level to adopt to carry out its work, depending on the quantity of material to be ground, the shape, the weight, the thickness, the type of plastic, the temperature of the piece.

The AMP allows to optimize the quality of the regrind to the highest degree (particle homogeneity and absence of dust) and reduce the use of electrical energy to a minimum. 25Wh / kg is the small amount of energy that a CMG granulator uses, compared to 40 and over Wh / kg a conventional unit consumes. The return on investment for the AMP is only a few months.

The company underlines that operational efficiency, homogeneous regrind and absence of dust, integration 4.0, the most optimized Total Cost of Ownership, are all the benefits associated with the latest developments that CMG will present at PRS Europe, stand B28, RAI Amsterdam, 25, 26 March, 2020.