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Company profile
Company profile

Maintain values, create value

Netstal has been a global leader in injection molding technology for over 70 years.

We provide manufacturing companies with high-speed, high-performance machines that are extremely efficient and deliver absolute precision with exceptional reliability. Our products undergo continuous development to meet your needs, with the purposeful incorporation of innovative technologies to ensure your production is constantly efficient and sustainable.

Applying our specialist know-how and experience, we actively advance the development of digitization and a sustainable circular economy. We develop our machine portfolio to provide performance, precision and quality. Our range consequently features all-electric and hybrid injection molding machines of the Elios and Elion series with clamping forces spanning 800 to 10,000 kN and the state-of-the-art PET-Line preform system for up to 144 cavities. To provide turnkey system solutions from a single source, we maintain a network of leading and highly specialized industry partners for molds, handling systems and peripherals.

Our mission is to sustainable maximize the added value for our customers.

System solutions for PET preforms

Netstal PET system solutions offer you premium quality, minimum production costs and an optimal eco balance.

  • Highest availability
  • Highest Output
  • Lowest energy consumption
  • Lowest costs per preform
  • 100% rPET processing
  • Network with leading partners for molds and auxiliaries

Product range for Preform molding

The Netstal PET-Line offers the broadest compatibility with existing side-entry molds and post-mold cooling stations. The system impresses with superlative output, exceptional energy efficiency, optimized processing of PET recyclates and an intuitive operating unit.

  • Clamping force sizes: 3000 kN, 4000 kN, 5000 kN
  • Up to 144 cavities
  • Electric clamping unit with 1.9 s lock-to-lock time
  • Side removal unit with up to 4 post-mold cooling stations
  • Energy efficient, two-stage injection unit
  • New PETX screw for optimum processing of all PET types – with and without additives
  • Latest generation Axos controller with innovative control concept
  • Smart Operation for simpler, faster and safer start-up and production
  • Lowest energy consumption on the market due to energy recuperation
  • Comprehensive options package for custom enhancements

System solutions for closures

Whether it's a beverage closure or used in the food or non-food areas – Netstal offers a perfect system solution for any type of closure. Everything from a single source: With Netstal you get tailor-made system solutions for high-speed closure applications.

  • Highest availability
  • Highest productivity
  • Lowest energy consumption
  • Lowest unit costs
  • Compliance with current or future regulations, such as EU Directive 2019/904 for tethered caps
  • Network with leading partners for molds and auxiliaries

Netstal customer service

Reliability at your side

The netstal customer services provide support and advice throughout the entire life cycle of your machine and remain constantly at your disposal. For example, we ensure initial production is successful, rectify any faults, quickly supply you with spare parts, render support during optimization processes and train your specialists in bespoke training sessions. In short: We do everything in our power to increase your productivity, reduce your costs and ensure your investment pays off with lasting effect. Ultimately, our goal is to support you in the long-term as a reliable partner in every facet of injection molding.