Workshop "Plasma coating of refillable PET bottles" as part of the 7th symposium on plasma and surface technology for plastic products at IKV

Aachen, Germany

The sustainability of plastics packagings is increasingly the subject of public debate. Especially the longevity of plastic products can be both a curse and a blessing. While the focus in disposable packaging is on reduced material use and recycling, the aspect of longevity is becoming increasingly important in returnable packaging. The plasma coating of PET bottles offers solutions. With disposable bottles, significantly higher material savings can be achieved while simultaneously increasing product protection and maintaining recyclability. The returnable bottle presents a special challenge. In order for the advantages of the barrier coating, namely product protection but also protection of the bottle against corrosive changes, a special range of properties must be fulfilled.

Plasma coatings currently on the market have a low alkali resistance, which dissolves these coatings in the washing process. The leach resistance of these layers is to be optimised by new layer architectures. This development serves to further improve the sustainability of PET bottles by further increasing the number of refills achievable. 

As part of the “7th Conference of Plasma and Surface Technology” we are offering you a workshop "Plasma Coating of Refillable PET Bottles" on 6 June 2018 in Aachen, Germany, especially tailored to the topic of coating refillable PET bottles. In a short presentation the solution approach and the procedure of the project will be outlined. This gives you an insight into the strategies of layer development, process control and quality assurance. In the subsequent discussion you can ask questions, introduce your needs and thus provide trend-setting impulses.

The project is a so-called transfer project of the Collaborative Research Centre TR87, which is funded by the DFG. Project partners are the IKV at the RWTH Aachen, the AEPT at the Ruhr University Bochum and KHS Corpoplast GmbH.

Contact person to register for the workshop:

Institute of Plastics Processing

Dr. Rainer Dahlmann

+49 (0)241-8025928

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