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7th IKV symposium "Plasma and Surface Technology for Plastics Products"

Aachen, Germany

Plasma technologies offer enormous potential for packaging and medical products and are therefore in great demand. They give plastics packagings high barrier properties, avoid the use of silicone oils or substituted glass materials in medical technology products. The Institute for Plastics Processing (IKV) in Industry and Trade at RWTH Aachen University is organizing the 7th symposium "Plasma and Surface Technology for Plastics Products" at the SuperC of RWTH Aachen University on June 6 and 7, 2018. The aim of the symposium is to understand and apply in detail the diverse spectrum of plasma technology from plasma generation to film deposition. The mix of lectures and discussions offers the participants the opportunity to get up to date on the possibilities of plasma coating.

Under the direction of Dr.-Ing. Joachim Konrad, KHS Corpoplast GmbH, Hamburg, this time the conference will focus on the main topics "Barrier for rigid packaging", "Low-pressure coating of films", "Interactions with organic surfaces", "Reliable plasma process control and monitoring" and "Process and layer development". A total of 17 lectures by international experts from industry and research will present the latest applications, innovative approaches and questions relating to the topic.

The Institute of Plastics Processing itself is one of the development pioneers in the field of plasma-assisted surface processes. It conducts basic research in this field, but also offers support activities for industrial partners who have individual questions. This is because the situation often occurs when a product that has already been designed and constructed is to be provided with a homogeneous, functional layer. However, design properties such as unsuitable surface qualities, small radii of curvature, strong undercuts or technical material characteristics such as the chemical structure, volatile additives and fillers or reinforcing materials on the surface are obstacles. The researchers support this and basically use two different solutions.

A solution is based on systematic, anonymous feasibility analyses of marketable products controlled by experience and thus allows comparatively quick statements on the basic suitability of the product for plasma technologies. If suitable, adaptive and flexible coating systems can be used to adapt the processes in a short time. By means of suitable analysis, the success of the process can be checked and any process adjustments can be made on the basis of this.

The second solution uses the findings of basic research. The Collaborative Research Centre SFB-TR 87 "Pulsed High Performance Plasmas for the Synthesis of Nanostructured Functional Layers" is a unique collaboration of plasma experts from RWTH Aachen University, Ruhr University Bochum and the University of Paderborn. From the knowledge gained here over many years, design features can be derived which already take into account the requirements of coating processes during product development and thus permit their implementation.


About the IKV

The Institute for Plastics Processing (IKV) in Industry and Trade at RWTH Aachen University is Europe's leading research and training institute in the field of plastics technology. More than 300 employees answer questions concerning the processing, materials engineering and component design of plastics and rubbers. The close connection with industry and science as well as the excellent equipment of the IKV allow the students a practical and comprehensive education. Aachen's plastics engineers are therefore sought-after specialists in industry. About 50 percent of German plastics engineers with university degrees were trained at the IKV. The IKV is organized into the departments of Extrusion and Rubber Technology, Fiber-Reinforced Plastics and Polyurethanes, Moulding Design and Materials Technology, and Injection Moulding. The Institute also includes the Centre for Plastics Analysis and Testing and the Department of Education and Training. Its sponsor is a non-profit support association, to which around 290 companies from the plastics industry worldwide belong today. Head of the Institute and Managing Director of the Association is Prof. Dr.- Ing. Christian Hopmann.


Please also see information on the workshop being part of the symposium "Plasma and Surface Technology for Plastics Products" >> 

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