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PET flake sorting

TOMRA celebrates opening a new flake sorting test center in Italy

TOMRA Recycling officially opened its new flake sorting Test Center, where the company will develop new applications and solutions in the fields of PO and PET flake sorting while simultaneously expanding its service offering.

Piovan April

Under the theme of “Testing is believing,” TOMRA representatives welcomed approximately 100 participants to its exclusive opening event and guided tour of the new flake sorting facility, located next to its office in Parma, Italy. The inspiring afternoon was filled with informative presentations and demos highlighting the company’s long-term plastics strategy, the purpose and goal of the new facility, and the numerous advantages it offers customers.

TOMRA’s customers have been benefitting from this concept that has been offered globally (Germany, United States, Japan, Korea, China) for decades. They can now enjoy extended testing capacities, shorter lead times and greater flexibility when it comes to scheduling tests. In addition, its location proves to be particularly convenient. Situated in Parma, at the hearth of one of Europe’s most important industrial and production regions, it can be easily reached via the international airports of Milan, Bologna, Verona and Bergamo.

''We have observed an increasing demand for flake sorting tests and a strong market push for high-quality recycled plastics.'' - Fabrizio Radice

In the second part of his presentation, Radice, detailed why TOMRA is a ‘One Stop Shop Solution.’ First, TOMRA offers a vast portfolio of sensor-based sorters for various applications with AUTOSORT® and its application-specific complementary products at its core. In the plastics segment, AUTOSORT offers technologies for both presorting and flake sorting that work in unison with each other and allow greater operational and financial benefits. Second, going beyond technology, customers and partners profit from TOMRA’s in-depth application knowledge, invaluable consultancy expertise and ongoing service support. The alignment of machines combined with vast expertise and a one-stop service translates into maximum plant performance.

Following Radice, Alberto Piovesan, Segment Manager Plastics EMEA & Americas, presented TOMRA’s flake sorting strategy and position in the plastics segment. The audience learned that the company aims to accelerate and shape the development of the sector through its vast application and industry expertise, its consultation, and the most advanced technologies.

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