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Origin CSD 1881 PET caps running on a commercial bottling line (Photo: Business Wire)


To be seen at NPE 2024: Origin Materials introduces world’s first CSD PET cap, the lightest of its kind ever produced commercially

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West Sacramento, Calif., United States

Origin Materials announced the initial product offering from its all-PET caps and closures manufacturing breakthrough. The initial product is the world’s lightest CSD (carbonated soft drink) cap compatible with the PCO 1881 neck finish, the first of its kind ever to be commercially produced with 100% PET and able to be produced with either virgin or recycled PET (rPET).


“There are hundreds of different kinds of caps and closures in container packaging. But the PCO 1881 neck finish is considered a leading standard for carbonated soft drinks and is often used for other products such as juices or even still or sparkling water,” said John Bissell, Origin Co-Founder and Co-CEO. “Because of the ubiquity of bottles using the PCO 1881 finish, it’s an area where our 100% PET cap can make a tremendous difference by improving recycling circularity and product performance in a massive market.”

Bissell added: “Our innovation in the design and manufacturing of PET closures, including closures made with recycled PET, has enabled us to pursue solutions previously thought to be impossible, and an 1881 compatible CSD PET cap is certainly one of them. Now that we have unlocked the use of PET and rPET for use in food, beverage, and home goods closures, we can bring the benefits to a range of products – benefits like improving recycling, extending product shelf life, using less plastic through light-weighting, decreasing manufacturing waste during the bottling process, and expanding the use of recycled material.”

Piovan Summiteer May 2024

Origin’s 1881 closure offers a superior-performance lightweight design. Since PET (polyethylene terephthalate) offers improved mechanical properties compared with common cap materials like HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene), less plastic is needed to achieve better performance with Origin’s design. Origin’s design includes tamper evidence with a particularly satisfying user experience, from its feel to the sound it makes when opened.

“Our caps and closures platform enables mono material solutions – just one material, PET, the most recycled plastic – from cap to bottom for a wide range of product types,” continued Bissell. “Until now, PET was ubiquitous in packaging, except for the caps and closures. We are changing that, by enabling the production of closures with any kind of PET material, whether it’s virgin PET, recycled PET, or bio-based PET.”

“We look forward to showing our PET caps alongside our partners in their booths this week at the NPE2024 conference in Orlando, Florida,” noted Bissell, who will be speaking at the conference on Tuesday.

Origin’s first-of-its-kind, high-throughput production system will make the world’s first PET caps and closures at commercial scale, available beginning in Q4 2024. The solution is a transformative leap forward in packaging, improving recyclability, enabling light-weighting, and extending product shelf-life while addressing a greater than $65 billion market. In conjunction with world-class partners, we are solving the most difficult sustainability challenges, in alignment with our core mission to help transition the world to sustainable materials.


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