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Recycle – Regenerate – Reuse: SMI's approach to packaging of the future

SMI S.p.A. S.Giovanni Bianco (BG), Italy

The growing consumers’ awareness towards the problems of the ecosystem in which people live influence the activity of the companies that prefer the use of sustainable packaging, such as rPET and cutting-edge technical solutions, like those supplied by SMI, in order to save energy and reduce the production environmental impact.

Design of sustainable containers

Today all the main food and beverage manufacturers aim at promoting sustainable lifestyles in compliance with circular economy and support the importance of the responsible use of resources and recycle. Their commitment starts from the use of PET plastics: a 100% recyclable and regenerable material.

  • Thanks to an advanced CAD center for 3D design, SMI supports companies in the design and graphic realization of a wide range of 100% recyclable PET containers, featuring high quality and lightweight in order to save energy and material.


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