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Sidel celebrates 40 years of blowing and packaging expertise for PET containers

Sidel Parma, (IO), Italy

It was 40 years ago when Sidel launched its first commercial blower to produce PET bottles for the beverage industry. The company has been supplying and pioneering innovative PET packaging solutions for beverage as well as the Food, Home and Personal Care (FHPC) markets to meet the growing and fast-changing consumer demands since then. Through its extensive PET packaging and engineering expertise, combined with unique package design and blowing process capabilities, Sidel has been strongly supporting the market in the use of PET and will continue to do so as PET is the optimal sustainable material for packaging.

In 1980, Sidel introduced the world's first commercial production solution to package beverages in PET – the SBO blower (In French – Soufflage Bi-Orienté – meaning Bi-oriented blowing) for carbonated soft drinks (CSD). The company has driven many performance improvements in PET bottling technology that cover all beverage and FHPC categories, achieving huge advances in the productivity of complete lines ever since.

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