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SACMI IPS, when sustainability comes 'as standard'

The tried and tested SACMI preform manufacturing platform with injection technology can make 100% rPET preforms and use recycled PET flakes in quantities of up to 50% using standard machines and hot runners.

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EU Directive 2019/04 prohibiting single-use plastics is set to revolutionise the industry by 2025. The world's main FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) makers have already signed the document drawn up by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation – a leading international non-profit association advocating the establishment of a circular economy – and committed to reducing the amount of virgin material in packaging and increasing returnable PET quotas.

100% recyclable, PET is becoming pivotal to the plastics industry because of its intrinsic advantages compared to other plastic materials, such as the re-usability and versatility that makes it suitable for all kinds of industrial packaging. SACMI - which will be presenting the IPS220 (injection preform system) in Düsseldorf - has its sights set on giving PET a 'second life' via the use of recycled resins and/or aiding full re-use of the material as per circular economy precepts.


With SACMI IPS, customers can use standard machines to make products consisting of up to 100% rPET and use recycled PET in flake form in quantities of up to 50%: all using standard hot runners, clearly demonstrating SACMI's determination to make this the new market standard. Yet another new revolution for an industry that, until now, was almost exclusively focused on lightweighting.

Versatility, optimised TCO

Versatility and optimisation of running costs are the SACMI IPS hallmarks. Both versions (IPS220 and IPS400, with 96 and 128 cavities respectively) offer maximum flexibility thanks to fast size changeovers and, on the larger version, compatibility with most commercially available resins.

SACMI-guaranteed reliability

Consolidated technology - already tested and appreciated on markets - gives customers the option of heading down the sustainability route to maximise the potential return on their investment without risks or surprises. The solution showcased at the fair, designed for applications in rPET and the utilisation of PET flakes is, in fact, an intrinsically sustainable ‘native’ solution that requires no work on/modifications to the machine.

Customers first

From moulds to vision systems (SACMI PVS, preform vision system), SACMI provides comprehensive assistance on all markets where it operates. Further guarantees of great results stem from being able to count on a sole provider for both the machines and the computer vision systems, reflecting a policy of putting customer needs first, before, during and after the sale.

Discover all the latest from SACMI at the international K 2019 HALL13 # 13A63 fair (Düsseldorf, 16-23 October).

Sustainability by SACMI. The future starts here. 

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