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PET preform production

SACMI IPS – Performance, flexibility and sustainability in preform manufacturing

Sacmi Imola S.C. Imola (BO), Italy

Productivity, lightweighting and use of recycled resins: this solution is part of a new approach to TCO (total cost of ownership) that aims to make the packaging industry sustainable and competitive - With the development of the IPS (injection preform system), SACMI has driven innovation in the PET preform production sector by focusing on the needs of its customers all over the globe and those of the bottlers and converters who work for the world's leading international brands.

Versatility and performance, yes, but also - and above all - sustainability are the key goals of any modern preform production plant. SACMI has responded with a comprehensive range of solutions that focus on operating, using standard machines, with recycled resins and/or achieving an overall weight reduction of the cap-bottle system.

Performance, versatility and sustainability form the bedrock of the IPS range and are part of a wider, future-oriented TCO (total cost of ownership) approach. Here, shorter cycle times have a broader significance that takes into account the need to increase plant availability, improve the interchangeability of the molds (the lifespan of which often exceeds that of the machines themselves) and includes the capacity to manufacture, using the ‘as standard’ solution, with up to 100% rPET and up to 50% PET in recycled flake form.

On the preform manufacturing front, the ‘sustainability revolution’ (which is moving ahead quickly in Europe as a result of the EU Directive that aims to drastically reduce use of virgin plastic in packaging) also involves solutions designed to reduce weight without affecting performance. In this regard, SACMI is well positioned for success as it is the only competitor capable of covering every aspect of the supply chain.

More specifically, SACMI provides advanced, certified cap-preform design services that seek to set new standards for the industry: our 2020 investment in the development of a new 26 mm neck standard together with the main international certifying bodies is a case in point.

By putting forward efficient, profitable solutions (i.e. that combine lower environmental costs with outstanding optimization of total operating costs) SACMI seeks to guide the industry into the future: such solutions hold the key to a packaging industry that is both sustainable and competitive.


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