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SACMI Group sells its SACMI Beverage Business Unit to Omnia Technologies

1:50 min Management
Sacmi Imola S.C. Imola, Italy

Agreement to be closed by the end of summer. For SACMI, an opportunity to make best use of the experience and skills gained in over twenty years in the industry by offering the business new growth and development opportunities with Omnia, whose strategy aims to establish one of the world’s biggest automatic beverage packaging system makers

7th May 2024 – The SACMI Group announces the sale of its Beverage Business Unit to Omnia Technologies, a global group with Italian roots that provides automation technology and expertise in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors. Once signed, the agreement is expected to be closed by the end of the summer. This is part of an operation that, within the wider Omnia strategy, aims to create one of the world’s largest beverage packaging operators.

The main driver behind this operation is the portfolio of products and skills brought by SACMI Beverage: these are complementary to and synergistic with the development plans of Omnia Technologies, which initiated an expansion strategy within this sector some time ago. SACMI Beverage has consolidated expertise in the stretch-blowing, filling and labeling processes for products such as mineral water, carbonated soft drinks, beer, wine and spirits. It enjoys a solid reputation and has seen its revenues grow steadily in recent years. Such capabilities therefore match those of Omnia Technologies and are strategically vital to the actuation of their growth plan.

The SACMI Group has been a key player in the business since 2000 when it established SACMI Labeling; subsequent development of Filling and Stretch-Blow Molding operations made SACMI a global player in the design and sale of complete beverage plants. Since entering the sector, the Group has invested heavily in the Business’s growth via a policy of strategic takeovers, consolidation, product range expansion and technological improvement. Business performance has been highly positive over the last few years. Today, SACMI Beverage is a solid company and a global beverage industry leader across all products and markets.

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In light of the competitive context and in order to seize further development opportunities, it was necessary to identify strategic partnerships that permit further growth. After careful assessment, SACMI identified Omnia Technologies as the right partner to build on the work done in recent years, ensure continuity and create new development opportunities. Simplification of the businesses will allow SACMI to focus more sharply on further growth in all the sectors in which the Group currently operates.

A shared vision, then, will be fundamental to the success of the operation and act as a backdrop to next steps: integration of the acquired skills and technologies, geographical continuity and a maintained focus on service and sustainability, aspects that both companies see as essential. The two teams shall work together closely in the transition phase to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction and information for all stakeholders (personnel, customers, partners).

For this operation SACMI was aided by financial advisors Cavour Corporate Finance and by Mr. Antonio Tullio, lawyer and senior partner of the law firm Studio Tullio&Partners.

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