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SACMI at Chinaplas 2023: raw material and energy savings, ‘smart vision’ inspection

SACMI presents new technological developments for the CCM that deliver even greater energy savings and more advanced controls. Alongside them, an inspection revolution with dedicated systems that SACMI, as of now, also produces directly in China. And from SACMI Laboratory, a ready-to-market solution for a streamlined, profitable transition to new lightweight neck standards.

With more than 680 CCM presses installed, SACMI leads the way on China’s capping line market. Now, in the run-up to the 35th edition of Chinaplas, a key event that draws visitors from every corner of the globe, SACMI is getting ready to showcase multiple innovations on the latest-generation CCM presses.

The press range now benefits from an integrated range of ‘smart vision’ inspection systems, from the CHS (for caps), produced directly in China as of this year, to the PVS (for preforms), which can be incorporated on the next-gen IPS 300 and IPS 400.

It’s not just technology that’s on show. Visitors to the SACMI stand (n. 10H41) can also see several Laboratory-made products, such as market-ready neck+cap and tethered-friendly solutions designed to aid the lightweighting transition: solutions already adopted by some of the industry’s major players.

SACMI CCM, clever inside

More stylish outside, more digital and technological inside than ever: at Chinaplas 2023 SACMI will be showcasing the latest CCM machines, equipped with the brand new CM-Flow extruder.

  •  Energy savings of up to 9%
  •  Up to 50% fewer black specks compared to the same resin processed with traditional extruders.
  •  CMFLOW™ produces caps that have the same resistance to stress cracking as those produced with traditional extrusion technology and operates at lower temperatures.

CMFLOW™ isn’t just highly effective. It’s also simple and compact. This allow for quick and easy maintenance because, unlike a conventional extruder, the motor is coupled directly to the screw without any need for a gearmotor.

CMFLOW™ is as-standard on the new SACMI CCM48SD presses yet can also be implemented on the CCM24SF and CCM32MC versions.

SACMI CCM, digital inside

All latest-generation CCMs – and existing versions such as the CCM24SF, CCM32MC, CCM48SD and CCM64MC – can be equipped with SACMI Smart Pack. A digital control package that integrates advanced sensors and on-board controls, Smart Pack simplifies operation, increases machine availability and reduces the risk of errors or line stoppages.

How? Through, for example, an automatic system that verifies correct dose insertion and positioning. Through automatic (and predictive) hydraulic oil quality control. Through cutting-edge thermoregulation to prevent on-mold condensation, thus boosting system availability and extending machine and mold component lifespans while improving the quality of the molding process.

Smart vision: SACMI CHS (and beyond)

To provide customers with ever-closer support, SACMI has begun producing its CHS cap inspection vision system range at one of its Chinese plants. The goal: to further accelerate delivery times and punctuality of service.

But that’s not all. The idea is to offer the market a revolutionary approach that is already as-standard at SACMI: inspection is no longer simply about controlling individual defects/caps, it’s a tool to gather valuable information to improve processes and predict drifts.

Key innovations include a patented SACMI solution that inspects tamper band slitting on the new tethered caps. The tethered standard is also of growing interest in China and SACMI offers a range of advantageous ready-to-use solutions, such as simple slitting of the tamper band in post processing.

GME30.40 neck transition, fully integrated cap-preform production with a new generation of SACMI IPS machines

SACMI aims to help manufacturers transition to new lightweight standards. To do so, it also works alongside key international certification bodies like CETIE. For example, the new GME30.40 ‘multi-purpose’ 26/22 neck standard is gaining popularity in China and around the world as it offers a tethered-compatible solution that delivers net plastic savings of more than 30% without affecting performance.

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