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Recycling white opaque milk bottles

RESILUX and INEX close the loop in UHT milk packaging

Wetteren, Belgium

Resilux, supplier of sustainable packaging solutions, has joined forces with Inex, producer of  authentic dairy products. Together, they made it possible to close the loop in UHT milk packaging. With the Rebirth series, they created a sustainable and circular solution in which white opaque milk bottles get reborn into new ones. A revolution in the UHT milk packaging industry.

Piovan April

As part of Resilux's People, Planet, Product philosophy, the company is driven by a deep sense of responsibility and actively seeks to develop the best solutions in collaboration with customers and stakeholders to protect their products.

CEO Dirk De Cuyper emphasises, "At Resilux, we believe in the power of collaboration to address the pressing environmental challenges of today and tomorrow. By joining forces with Inex, we have achieved to develop our Rebirth series, an innovation that significantly reduces the reliance on virgin PET resources for packaging. This breakthrough enables us to recycle white opaque bottles into new ones without compromising on food safety or quality, while also providing optimal protection for a longer shelf life, through our ResiBlock® light barrier solutions."

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