Recycling Technologies joins Chemical Recycling Europe

Brussels, Belgium

Chemical Recycling Europe is pleased to welcome Recycling Technologies, a United Kingdom based company as a new member of the association. The company is a leader in the United Kingdom in developing chemical recycling. It has developed an innovative technology, the RT7000, which turns hard-to-recycle plastic such as films, bags, laminated plastics into an oil, called Plaxx®, used as a feedstock for new plastic production. The RT7000 is modular and small-scale, designed to fit easily onto existing waste treatment and recycling sites, providing a scalable solution to recycle waste plastic anywhere in the world.

ChemRecEurope Secretary General, Mohammad Hayatifar, said: “We are delighted Recycling Technologies has joined our association.  It is a leader in the UK having set itself a mission to accelerate the evolution of plastic into a sustainable material.  The company is already expanding its reach into Europe where it is working with Citeo, Mars and Nestlé to develop chemical recycling in France and recently announced plans to build its first European site in the Netherlands. We are looking forward to working together with this new member to increase the circularity of plastic.”

Adrian Griffiths, Founder and Chief Executive Officer said: "We are delighted to join Chemical Recycling Europe; we share its vision to close the loop for the plastics industry by offering the technology to endlessly recycle all plastic waste back into its original components.  This industry body has achieved a great deal since it was founded in 2019, working with stakeholders across the plastics industry to drive the growth of recycling processes for many more plastics and to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable plastics future.  Collaboration is key to addressing the goals and the challenges of advancing the plastic circular economy and moving away from incineration, export and landfill, towards making waste plastic valuable."


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