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Raisio committed to Green Deal on reducing consumption of single-use plastic food containers

Raisio, Finland

Raisio has signed the Green Deal on reducing the consumption of single-use plastic food containers. The important goals of the Green Deal fit well with the long-term sustainability work that Raisio has been carrying out for years to reduce the amount of packaging plastic and materials.

The Green Deal is based on the EU Directive on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment. Its aim is to reduce the amount of plastic litter in the environment, especially on seashores, and to promote a circular economy. The aim is to reduce the use of single-use food packaging made entirely or partly from plastic, the contents of which are ready to be consumed directly from the container.

Raisio is committed to exploring both alternatives to single-use plastic food containers and packaging solutions that contain less plastic than the current level. The company is committed to educating their employees and communicating to consumers about the environmental impact of single-use packaging, alternative solutions, recycling options and litter prevention.

Towards a more sustainable food system

At Raisio, their approach to responsibility stems from their purpose: Food for Health, Heart and Earth. Raisio's strategy responds to the food transition, where different operators in the food chain are working to build a more sustainable food system in terms of the environment and climate. Their sustainability programme takes into account the health of the planet and its people, and looks at the sustainability of their products all the way from primary production through the factory to the table.

The company's material efficiency work aims to reduce the environmental impact of food production, distribution and consumption, focusing on packaging made from renewable materials, the reduction of food loss and food waste, and better utilisation of production side and waste streams.

“The Green Deal on reducing the consumption of single-use plastic food containers only applies to products that are sold individually, are consumed directly from the container and do not need to be prepared by the consumer before consumption, meaning that it only applies to a very small part of Raisio’s product range. Therefore, we will continue our long-standing work on material efficiency in addition to the Green Deal”, says Sari Koivulehto-Mäkitalo, Raisio’s Chief Legal Officer, Legal Affairs and Corporate Responsibility.

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